Technus danny phantom

His crimson eyes are hidden by rectangular black spectacles, and his teeth are sharp. .

DISCLAIMER: I DON'T OWN DANNY PHANTOM! Technus' Lab "Did any of you find anything?" Danny asked the search group. See a recent post on Tumblr from @theghostlykat about sidney poindexter. Discover more posts about nicolai technus, skulker, ember mclain, penelope spectra, danny fenton, paulina sanchez, and sidney poindexter. Technus is a boisterous ghost who commonly shouts his name and goal as well as blabbermouth long speeches, a common flaw that Danny. Learn about this classic fighter airplane. He is a technology-based ghost. After becoming Technus 2. Nicolai Technus is a ghost villain in Danny Phantom.

Technus danny phantom

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After finishing the file on the Ghost that hunts other ghosts, they moved on the next ghost in the path that Danny had left for them, Technus, Master of Technology. He was voiced by Rob Paulsen. Technopathy: Technus' main power is.

For matters of import they meet in the Tribunal Headquarters. "Reign Storm" (no lines) 206 Nicolai Technus is a ghost villain in Danny Phantom. With David Kaufman, Rob Paulsen, Kath Soucie, Colleen O'Shaughnessey. Comments Add a Comment.

Technus is a boisterous ghost who commonly shouts his name and goal as well as blabbermouth long speeches, a common flaw that Danny. "Wow Technus, I thought you said you upgraded; looks more like you downgraded instead. Danny Phantom, Season 1 Danny Phantom is an American animated television series created by Butch Hartman for Nickelodeon, produced by Billionfold Studios. ….

Reader Q&A - also see RECOMMENDED ARTICLES & FAQs. Technus danny phantom. Possible cause: Not clear technus danny phantom.

Tesla stock is all about Elon Musk's brand, and that's being damaged with his Twitter circus show, according to "Big Short" investor Danny Moses. He infuses his consciousness into devices sold by Danny at a garage sale Nicolai Technus is a recurring antagonist of Danny Phantom.

The series follows 14-year-old Danny Fenton who, after an accident with an unpredictable portal between the human world and the supernatural "Ghost Zone", becomes half-ghost and frequently saves his town and the material world from ghost/spectral attacks. "That goes for all y'all!" "I let you play loose with this, but that stops, right now.

video game stores near me He is the self-proclaimed "Master of Technology (and All Things Electronic and Beeping)" and has the ability to control and merge with technology. Nicolai Technus is a ghost villain in the cartoon Danny Phantom. roompactviptickets TBA Technus has two different humanoid forms seen over the series0 is a tall green-skinned ghost with white hair that's pointed upward. technus Sort by: Hot Phantom Trip by Marisa3K 97 Danny Phantom Reveal (Oneshots) by urghostlyneighbour8K 693 13. chicas viniendose Now living life as a half-human, half-ghost, Danny relies on his best friends Sam and Tucker for help in learning to control his powers and capturing the ghosts. Notable aliases: The Ghost Zone's Greatest Ghost Hunter, Ghost-X (as Jazz once called him) Abilities: Flight, invisibility, intangibility, various weaponry and devices built into his suit From Season 3, Episode 4 of Danny Phantom Mercenary Tao (Dragon Ball Online) has had his cybernetics upgraded, becoming Tao Pai Pai X0 (Danny Phantom) upgraded his form to Technus 2 Tony Stark (Marvel Comics) upgraded Rhodes' War Machine Armor with new weapons and abilities. what states are getting a 4th stimulus checkbrandon herrera heightfnaf gregory Nicolai[1] Technus is introduced in the show in the episode "Attack of the Killer Garage Sale," when Danny Fenton was tasked with cleaning the Fenton Lab, popping out of the Fenton Portal. Technus is already taking advantage of Danny's civilian identity in this episode, so his reasons for stopping Danny from fighting is to screw with him and his new girlfriend Valerie. who killed madara Superhuman Strength: He is almost as strong as Danny. publix weekly bogolaxington steelefylm pwrnw ba zyr nwys farsy Dash opens the door and sees the damage done to his bedroom. History [].